You often see photos of girls showering sparks with a grinder or modelling a pair of gauntlets pretending to weld, but it’s not often that you see girls actually building bikes.  Virginia has built her bike and takes a fantastic approach to the process, something that all aspiring builders out there should bear in mind!

“Some of the welds are super super shitty, but they hold it together and they’re my welds.  It’s my own mistakes and I like seeing that it’s my own work on there”

Having the confidence to have a go is a winning recipe.  No one becomes a perfect welder overnight and no one is born knowing how everything works, it’s only through experience that we learn!  Everything can be fixed on a motorbike, so if something gets stuffed up in the process then it can be replaced and ultimately you will be better off as you will know what to do next time (hopefully!).

“Riding a chopper that I made feels great to me”

As Virginia demonstrates there is huge satisfaction in knowing that you created something and that it’s your own touches on your machine.  Kudos to her for showing not just the girls but the guys as well how rewarding customizing your won bike can be!


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