Here at Custom Knuckle we value individuality.  The modern world is saturated with products and the majority of those products are produced to enormous scales and are rotated at an incredible rate.  The current trend changes more often than I change my underpants and we are expected to keep up with it.  However, there’s so much of it produced that you end up looking like everyone else!

I have personally always found comfort in my own individual tastes, things that others are less likely to wear.  I’m not about to wear jumpers as trousers and put pants on my head in a bid to be different, but there is a balance!  The recent boom of the café racer trend has also seen a peeked interest in associated brands that seem to charge a phenomenal amount for their clothing.  It’s better quality than a lot of the cheap stores, but I can’t help feel that it’s over priced and you are investing in the name and falling for the “trend”, but it’s just a slightly smaller trend than the trends that Topshop and other stores put out.

Since starting Custom Knuckle, I have met so many talented creative people and I have started to find things that you won’t easily find on the highstreet and that quite frankly are a lot more interesting than a lot of the shit that the big stores are churning out.  Some of the things you do pay a bit of a premium for, but if I don’t feel that the price is justified, then I won’t be selling it!  I toyed with the idea of selling branded goods, but there are plenty of other places to go for them.  It might not be the best of business decisions, but this entire website has been based on what genuinely interests me and if I start selling whatever everyone else is selling, then I would be cheating myself and you.

So the harder route it is, but I hope that all of us will benefit from it.  I will endeavour to bring you the more interesting products that I encounter and you will hopefully get something that you will enjoy wearing and get good use from.  We will then be supporting the smaller industries that are taking on the challenge of stepping up to mightier corporations and continue to support creativity and individuality.

Tomorrow we will be officially opening the store and bringing our first few products to you!  In the meantime, we will continue to hunt down unique products for you and let you know when they are added.

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Thank you for your continued support!


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