In a quiet area in Epsom, Surrey, tucked away down a muddy potholed driveway lies Sickboyz Customs where some of the UK’s finest custom motorbikes are created.

The garage is set among a few other businesses in what appears to be a former farm yard.  The building isn’t adorned with advertising, in fact, the only telltale sign that you are in the right place is a hotrod out the front and a gleaming two-wheeled creation being given a clean just in front of it.

Custom Knuckle - Sickboyz Customs

Wade’s 1936 Ford Coupe with a Corvette 350 and one of their motorbikes waiting to be collected by a lucky customer.

Sickboyz is to a certain extent a relatively recent business.  Wade became involved in motorbikes in late in 2004 when he bought his first Harley Davidson from Warrs, the unusual part of this scenario was that he couldn’t ride it home as he didn’t have his licence!  A few weeks later and he had passed his test and was off down the road on his new Harley.  Wade was already involved in fabrication and welding and in 2007 decided to start customising motorbikes, initially people thought he was just “talking” and like so many before it would be a short-lived dream, but what you soon learn is that when Wade says something he commits to his word, and commit he did!

2011 is when Wade views Sickboyz as really starting, he had just moved into a new premises  and he had teamed up with professional painter Stig.  In their first year together they invested a lot of time and money visiting more than 30 shows across Europe displaying their work and gaining the attention of the public.  Since then the business has continued to grow leaps and bounds with a steady increase in demand.

Custom Knuckle - Sickboyz Customs

Wade (left) and Stig.

Wade and Stig if anything undersell their work, they let their motorbikes speak for themselves and when you really take the time to look at all the little touches on their motorbikes you realise how much effort goes into creating each piece.  Their workshop displays all the signs of a real “working” workshop, with tools and parts scattered along all the walls and machining equipment that looks like it has seen generations of use and this is reassuring as it shows that Wade and Stig manufacture as much as they can themselves.

Stig is the painter, he has been painting since he was a teenager and you can tell.  The artwork on the tanks and fenders is incredible, the photos of his work do not do it justice!  Stig doesn’t limit himself to just paintwork, he has created a stunning motorbike for himself all by himself.  His creation was tucked under a tarp inside the garage and it looks like new; it transpires that this is because Stig doesn’t ride motorbikes!  If that isn’t a display of just doing it for the love of making motorbikes then I don’t know what is!

Custom Knuckle - Sickboyz Customs

Stig’s stunning bike after a quick dust off!

Wade and Stig clearly make one hell of a team, they patently love their work and take great pride in every bike that they produce; they are the type of business that prides themselves on their reputation for being honest and producing quality work.  Despite producing motorbikes that are worth tens of thousands their heads are still firmly on their shoulders and if you need some work doing on your motorbike then no job is too big or too small for Sickboyz Customs.  You can guarantee some quality but more importantly honest service!

Custom Knuckle - Sickboyz Customs

Wade’s personal project right and a 2009 Sportster being converted into a cafe racer in the background.

They will be exhibiting at several of the coming shows including Kickback and Buster Lane show, so if you get the chance go and have a chat with them!  You can also check out more of their exquisite work on their website and purchase some of their custom parts and clothing here.

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