Rhinotyre have created a revolutionary new product that appears to resolve the issue of flat tyres!  A special polymer is applied to the inside of your tyre which then instantly seals any puncture.  From a hassle perspective this would be a fantastic product, but also a superb invention from the point of view of safety.

Their website states that their product was invented “over the course of seventeen years, and the efforts and contributions of almost a hundred scientists” which is quite a statement.  Unfortunately their website seems to be somewhat lacking at the moment and more in depth information is hard to find; I think I will be waiting for the 100th scientist to pitch in before I would sacrifice my tyres to “the test” that they show in the videos!  Watching the bikes cross that plank makes the hair on your neck stand up!

It would be interesting to know what the cost of the treatment is and how it affects the balancing of the wheel, hopefully more information will be available on it soon!  In the meantime, don’t forget your puncture repair kit!

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