Pacoima Motorcycles are based in the rolling countryside of Norfolk.  It’s run by Paul Savigar (Sav) and Andy Porter who you may know from The Trip Out event.  The duo are well known in the industry for their devotion to the English chopper scene, both fully embracing the culture and producing bikes that are quite frankly stunning.  These guys live and breathe choppers!


Pacoima motorcycles started 4 years ago when Andy and Sav decided to quit the rat race and focus on what their real passion, building bikes.  Since then, their hobby has quickly gained recognition for producing breathtaking builds and putting out high-quality work.


Anyone who has met Andy will know that he is someone that speaks his mind and says things how he sees them.  It’s possibly an imposing trait to many, but as he says himself, what’s the point in being able to talk if you aren’t going to be honest.  His “to the point” character and heavily tattooed figure gives the impression of a badass biker and it turns out he is, but he is also an extremely kind and amicable character with an impeccable knowledge of old Harley Davidsons.


Sav appears the quieter of the two, but this could be because he is permanently focused on the current builds, pausing mid conversation to hold pieces up to bikes and consider different possibilities, his mind seems to be tirelessly searching for what will work best.  He is currently building himself a 60’s inspired chopper with an S&S knucklehead engine, despite the fact it’s only half way through the build the bike already looks mind-blowing and will definitely be one to keep an eye open for in the future.  Not many people have the vision to know what they want and how they want it, it’s a rare talent, but Paul and Andy both seem to have it.


Andy and Sav both work hard to make bikes that look clean and well proportioned.  Heavily inspired by vintage motorcycle movies, their bikes do have classic looks, but they have a knack for making the bikes easy on the eye with modern touches.  There is an emphasis on perfection, making all the parts uniform and the bike flow.  If they are going to do something, then they want to do it properly.  If you want a period correct Harley and you are lucky enough for you to build you one, then they are the guys to go to, if they don’t already have the parts then they will know how to get them.  From leather washers in the correct places, to sourcing old fashioned wiring, it’s the attention to detail that really makes their bikes stand out.


If you want a chopper as opposed to a period correct bike, then they will also bring your ideas to life and probably improve it along the way!  Their builds are creative, but true to their style and it’s refreshing to see builders that really stick to what their passion is.  Clean lines and thinking outside of the box are also strong traits that they share, both coming up with innovative designs to make things smoother, cleaner and leaving you wondering how the fuck they managed it!


Neither of them are in the business to rip people off.  Whether you are just a weekend rider needing an oil change or the guitarist from the Stone Roses, you will be treated the same, with no hidden agendas.  For them, it is all about the bike, if anything the owner comes after the bike!


For more information on Pacoima Motorcycles or to get in touch with them visit their page here!

For information on the Tripout Festival, which has just been on, follow this link and make a note in your diary so you don’t miss next years event!
















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