London is home to some of the best tattooists in the world so when it comes to getting some new ink, you are spoilt for choice!  Having recently moved to London I was interested to visit a few of the parlours to see what the real experience was like.

The Love Hate Social Club is not a parlour that pops up on the “top 10 parlour” posts that you see on the internet and it’s a shame because it should be!  That being said  some of the more publicised parlours start to lack care and interest in their clients when the shop is over run with fresh flesh and this fortunately does not apply here.


I found the Love Hate Social Club by accident, I spotted their store front while I was visiting Portebello Market one weekend and I liked the look of the place – it was as simple as that!  Through later investigation I found out that the store was owned by Ami James, known for his shows Miama Ink and NY Ink.

The Love Hate Social Club were fantastic from the very beginning, when I rang ahead to see if it was possible to come and chat with them they said “anytime!”.  The staff were all polite and interested in my ideas, they suggested Alex (Alexandra Wilkey) as they felt her style suited my needs.  I met Alex the next day (Friday) for a consultation and once again I was made to feel welcome, she listened to my ideas and suggested some of her own and appeared genuinely excited about doing the tattoo, after talking to her for 15 minutes I paid my deposit and I was booked in to have the tattoo done the following Monday.


Sunday evening the receptionist rang to confirm the appointment, it is small touches like this and the way you are spoken to that really sets this business apart.

On Monday I arrived to a warm welcome again and after having a quick look at a drawing that Alex had done, I was soon under the needle.  Alex was great company, interesting to talk to and clearly extremely passionate about her profession.  She is one of the lucky few that has a job that she constantly enjoys and it shows in her work.


There are cheaper places to go, but with tattoos you do get what you pay for.  Love Hate Social Club overall provided a fantastic experience and tattoo and I would definitely love to return to them another day!

To find out more about Love Hate Social Club or to book yourself in to get some of your own ink done visit their site here.

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