This video takes you way deeper than the bike itself.  I started watching it thinking that it was about a man building a custom motorbike and it turned out to be a man touching on a hugely important point.  The bike itself is a bizarre “mad max” fuelled concoction and to be quite frank it’s heavily leaning towards the inbred beast side of beauty and the beast!  However, Jack takes on the approach of Indian Larry in that he feels that the “mechanicalness” of the bike is hugely important.  Manufacturers are all trying to hide all of the workings and now you can’t tell what is made from what.  Granted, this effect is very beautiful in many cases, what Jack is saying is that the satisfaction from these machines is short lived.  It’s almost the same as buying a new pair of shoes, you get a rush from getting them, but then that’s it, it’s short lived.

However, if like Jack you go to great lengths to use what is available to you and spend months or maybe years hand fabricating your one of a kind machine then the long term satisfaction levels are significantly higher and if you are interested in what other people think I would imagine his bike would draw more interest than a Lamborghini as it is unique.

Jack also touches on the process of working on a project in your workshop.  DIY whatever form it takes does have a lasting effect on the human body.  I guess there’s a multitude of processes that goes on, the mental consideration, the physical process and the reward of success at the end.  It’s the mental focus when you are creating that makes the hours seem like minutes and puts you in a zen like state, right up until something bad enough happens that you feel the need to obliterate your $500 meter!

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