Definition of Braw:

Adjective “SCOTTISH”

fine, good, or pleasing.

“it was a braw day”

Over the past 10 years I have nearly always sported a beard of some description.  Whenever I have gone for the clean shaved look I am reminded how ugly my bald face is and instantly regretted my decision!  I have also always been keen to grow a fuller beard, just to see what it would be like.  Growing a beard takes patience, a bit like growing the hair on your head, I think you go through a troublesome patch, but if you can bear with it, then you can be rewarded at a later point.

During my few feeble attempts, I have normally given in due to feeling like my face was about to fall off, and it often would literally be falling off with dry skin and irritation.  I have tried multiple products to combat this problem and I’ve had a bit of relief with Captain Fawcetts, but my better half is not impressed with the scent and that just won’t do!

Braw Beard Oils was founded by John, who after a breaking his back in a sports accident, started to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Having had a beard for many years, John wanted to solve the age old issue of dry untamed beard, and apparently he has!

braw beard oils

John uses a mix of the finest natural ingredients to make an eclectic selection of products that have been carefully tested, safety tested and certified.  All his products are hand made in Scotland and tested on humans, not animals.

What struck me in particular with John’s products is the concept of mixing specific oils that have known benefits.  I’m sure a lot of other companies are more interested in making a product that would just about do, but John clearly isn’t settling for anything average, he wants the best, he wants it braw!

What is equally intriguing is the following that John’s products have gained, from rock stars like Fred Durst (Limp Bizket), to MMA fighters, sports personalities and models, all of them are raving about his products.  Having browsed The Braw Beard Oils site, I felt compelled to have a go at growing a proper beard and put Johns products to the test to see if they can assist me with my mission!

So the rules I have set myself are:

  • No cutting of the main beard until just before Christmas (one has to look presentable at Christmas after all!).
  • The neck line and moustache can be trimmed, chomping on moustache is never good!
  • Follow the guidelines of Braw Beard Oils.

Simple as that!  I have taken photos of my beard as it is now for reference, I had a shave the night before and cut down my cheeks a bit too low, another example of my carelessness with sharp objects!

braw beard oils

I have a variety of products from Braw which I will review along the way.  The initial findings are all good signs.  The beard oil is in a nice glass bottle with a plastic insert that allows the amount of oil exiting to be controlled, the smell is pleasant and refreshing.  The beard butter is used for taming the beard hairs and can be used in conjunction with the oils, great if you are going out on your bike, or just an evening out.  It has beeswax in it so you need to warm it up a reasonable amount in your hands before applying it.  It smells so good that you are half tempted to have a lick, that same curiosity you get around a 9-volt battery!

The beard wash was something that I have always been dubious about.  I have read that you are not supposed to use hair shampoo on your beard and washing your beard or even hair removes the natural oils.  That being said, beards pick up all sorts of tasty treats throughout the day and giving it a quick wash is probably a wise move.  On the basis you are replenishing the oils afterwards, hopefully, this will counteract any natural oils lost.  I used the shampoo for the first time yesterday; it is virtually scent free and seems very mild, which would naturally help stop irritation.

The comb is a necessary tool to help pull out the more stubborn food particles and any other debris that may have come entangled.  I found the teeth on this comb quite thick for my beard as it is, but I think that it will be more suited to a longer beard, so in time I will let you know how it goes!

braw beard oils

After giving my beard a full treatment with all of the products I went out to a Sailor Jack event and I have to say that I was expecting women to chase me around like in a Lynx advert, as per usual I was disappointed!  However, my beard did feel nice, and I haven’t been scratching at it like a deranged cat, surely a good sign!  Since Braw Beard Oils don’t claim to have supernatural powers over women I was clearly expecting too much, however, they do say that your beard will feel better and so far I’m pleasantly surprised!

A week later…

So the verdict so far is very good, I can now see (and feel) why Braw Beard Oils is getting so much attention!  The usual issues that have made me resort to strimming my beard do not exist, I’m stoked to say that my face is very happy!  I would really encourage bearded or bearded wannabes to give this stuff a go!

I have been so impressed by the Braw Beard Oils that I am now making them available in our store, follow the link here to be taken to the page!

I will keep you updated with the progress as the beard progresses!

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