In a quiet rural village just outside of Aylesbury you will find the custom motorcycle builders – Brownies. Founded by Steve only two years ago the business has grown rapidly as Steve’s reputation for quality builds has spread around the biking community.
Steve has been involved in metal fabrication since he was 10 years old; he began learning about metal working through his father’s small sheet metal fabrication business, helping his father out in the evenings and weekends. At the age of 16 he left school and his career as an engineer began. It was also at the age of 16 that Steve bought his first motorbike which was the start of a lifelong obsession!


Brownies Cafe Racers started after Steve’s personal build, a Suzuki GT550, caught the public’s eye. Quickly there was demand for his work and now Steve completes around 10 one off builds a year. Steve admits that the work involved is a labour of love and that the company is a means of doing something that he has a real passion for. Waiting time for your one of a kind build may be slightly longer than a larger enterprise, but as Steve works by himself this should not come as a surprise. You will however receive incredible attention to detail; Steve wants every nut and bolt to be perfect on the bike, quite literally as he spends the time to polish every visible bolt head on the bike for an impeccable finish.


Steve’s workshop is a builder’s paradise, providing you are under 6ft! Every inch of space is filled with tools and equipment, bike parts and more. Even the ceiling space is used so when you enter you are almost overwhelmed in a 3D bubble of motorcycle heaven! There are signs of graft all over the workshop, metal filings scatter the benches, the ultrasonic cleaner working its magic on a set of carbs and of course the patients themselves squeezed in amongst the equipment!


One of the builds currently in progress is a Suzuki GS1000E, although it is only half way through its build you can already see the beauty that it is to become. The initial signs show that this bike is meant to be ridden fast, the rear end has been modified to mono-shock, the front suspension is of a GSXR, and a modified Akrapovic exhaust leers out the side. The tank looks large butted up against the Dime City Cycles seat, but perfect for leaning over when the beast is unleashed, and as the engine has been bored out to 1100cc you will have good reason to lean forward and hang on! The wheels are currently being produced by Taylor Made Wheels which will give the finishing touch to this impressive creation!



While Steve is clearly very talented at producing one of a kind motorcycles he is also a dab hand at restoring them. To the side of his garage there is a rolling chassis that belongs to a Ducatti 900 GTS, a bike that was only produced for 2 years and is very high up on many collectors’ wish lists. Steve is nurturing this beautiful bike back to its former glory and no detail is being overlooked. The engine is currently being completely overhauled by Moto Rapido, Ducati specialists who also work on Ducati’s British Superbikes. When this bike finally comes back together it should be a sight to behold!


Steve also makes custom oil tanks and various other parts, so if you are just looking for a small addition to your pride and joy then get in touch with him! Whatever your project is Steve is a huge bike fan with a wealth of knowledge so he is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to do some work on their bike however big or small the project may be.

His website and contact details can be found here!

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