Last weekend, London was lucky enough to host the first ever Assembly Chopper Show at the House of Vans.  The show brought legendary builders and artists together from all over the world for a free show that has set the bar high for future events.

House of Vans is set within several railway arches in Central London.  The atmospheric surroundings made for the perfect venue to the show.  It was awesome and a complete surprise to see builders such as Scotty Stopnik from the Cycle Zombies, Max Schaaf and Go Takamine to name but a few floating around the event, for some of them it was their first time in the UK and an indication of how the UK chopper scene has grown in recent years.

The walls were covered in photos from inspirational photographers such as Troy Critchlow, James A Grant and Larry Niehues.  There was a selection of retailers with pop up shops, so you could kit yourself out with the latest gear, or even get a new tattoo if you were so inclined!  The Great Frog were, as usual, doing their part to support the event along with Dice magazine.  To top it off, there were screenings of classic motorbike movies being shown in the House of Vans cinema.

This was a superb event and definitely one to book in to see next year, if they do it again.  I sincerely hope they do!  The organisers of the event did a near perfect job in creating a truly memorable show!

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