It takes a gutsy individual to go from an industry that you have worked in for most of your life to become an artist, but for Albie, the decision was easy.

It would be fair to say that Albie is a confident and out going character, his Harley can be heard from a few blocks away and when it eventually comes in to sight it’s bright red paintwork complete with self portrait logos of the man himself scream individualism. His denim cut also features the mohawk’d silhouette and as the helmet comes off the image becomes complete. His persona is capped off with a smile that would make him an ideal presidential candidate; the difference is that when you start talking to Albie he is an honest and intelligent character.


Albie started off his artistic journey when he attended Central Saint Martins school of art in London where he studied design, in his final year he started working as a promoter for a nightclub and became tied to the world of night life entertainment. Albie progressed into helping run some of London’s swankiest clubs (ultimately working as Marketing Director at Guy Pelly’s renowned Tonteria club) rubbing shoulders with the cities elite. However after nine years in the industry any enthusiasm that he initially had was long gone. During these years Albie had continued to dabble with his brushes and always dreamed of becoming a full time artist, but dreams are just a means to get us through the day right? Not for Albie.


Albie had found a new passion through riding his 2006 Harley Sportster. He started to attend local bike meets and soon started painting the characters that attended them. There aren’t many artists that capture the biker world and Albie’s storied paintings captured the hearts of the V-twin community. He knew that he had to follow his heart and consequently threw the towel in on his career and instead focused on creating bold eye catching paintings.


He quickly became a recognised face in the motorcycle world. His work was featured in Backstreet Heroes, which assisted in his credibility within the industry, opening up leads such as London exhibitions at Kickback Chelsea, his “+1” show in Shoreditch and also showcasing his work at Shaw Harley-Davidson. Albie also has close working relationship with Maidstone Harley-Davidson where he will be exhibiting his art numerous times throughout 2016.

Albie continues to capture the feelings and stories that are embedded within the biking scene, his art seems to encapsulate the brotherhood and passion within the community. He hopes to one day soon travel to the USA and continue to create images of the biking community and I have no doubt that his work will be well received.

His latest exhibition “Catching Moments” is on Thursday 17th March 2016 at Kouzu, London. Visit his site to see more of his art work and for more details of his exhibitions.

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