Custom Knuckle is a moto-lifestyle website bringing all the random shit that make custom motoring so cool and compiling it on one site.  The site was created by Patrick Newnham who is a huge motorbike enthusiast.  After following the custom scene for a while he felt that the industry was lacking in unity and took it upon himself to rectify this.

As a part of the website we will be interviewing the creative talents around the UK and Europe that keep pushing the boundaries in the industry, from small backyard sheds to the industry’s leading manufacturers.  We want to bring all the talents in and around the industry together on one platform and keep you up to date with the latest and greatest and also introducing new horizons to you.

We will be interviewing amateur wrenchers, artists, tattooists, professional builders, clothes designers, and more.  There are so many sectors so there should be something for almost everyone!  We will also be reviewing gear along the way.

If you think you know someone who should be featured on the site then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.  We spend a great deal of time hunting people down, so a point in the right direction is always appreciated!  Get in touch with us here!